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Ellen Rodrigues, Ph.D.

Director, LGBTQ+ Center

Ellen Rodrigues is a Service Assistant Professor at West Virginia University. She serves as the Director of the LGBTQ+ Center and teaches a Women’s and Gender course focused on LGBTQ+ Perspectives.

She is responsible for advancing the Center’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Through strategic partnerships, outreach initiatives and student engagement, Rodrigues implements advocacy efforts while overseeing programs and training that address the inclusion of queer, trans, gender nonbinary and all sexual orientations at WVU.

For two years as assistant director of the LGBTQ+ Center, Rodrigues was responsible for implementing gender-inclusive practices, including providing nearly 35 safe zone trainings to more than 1,000 individuals each academic year. She also served as the faculty advisor for the minor in LGBTQ+ studies and as the supervisor of the Center’s student ambassadors.

Before serving in this capacity, Ellen served the WVU community as a Diversity & AA/EO Specialist, and previously as a Sociology instructor at WVUP.

Rodrigues is a WVU alumna and holds a Ph.D. in Political Science.

Rodrigues CV