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Our Mission

The LGBTQ Center offers inclusive programming and outreach initiatives for WVU students, faculty, staff, and broader community members. We collaborate with and support the university’s larger social justice efforts by providing inclusive, academic, and curricular development training on all WVU campuses, by advocating for members of our community, and by building coalitions. We also work throughout the state to improve understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues.

Join us for:

PROGRAMMING to learn more about our communities, histories, and futures.

SAFE ZONE TRAINING to learn and practice how to be more supportive to LGBTQIA+ people.

SOCIAL EVENTS to network, make friends, or just get out and about

LGBTQ+ STUDIES COURSES to study, discuss, and research gender, sexuality, gender identity, race, ethnicity, region, disability, and more.

ADVOCACY PROJECTS to help educate our communities--join Speakers Bureau, learn to do Safe Zone Trainings, find ways to get involved with student organizations and local activism and service.