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Submit Quilt Square

What is the main purpose of the virtual quilt?

The Lavender Graduation Virtual Quilt incorporates a West Virginia and Appalachian traditional folk-art form as a way to commemorate the graduation and achievements of WVU's LGBTQ students and their allies. This virtual quilt will live on, and additions will be made each year by new generations of LGBTQ Mountaineers. Please take some time to be thoughtful and creative, and to consider what visual legacy best depicts your time at WVU.  

Below are some tools that can help you create or personalize an image. 

We recommend that you visualize and frame your image as a square, as you might for Instagram. The ideal size is 750 pixels by 750 pixels. Keep in mind that images can always be made smaller; they cannot always be enlarged. 

Please submit only one image per graduate by April 15, 2016.

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