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Gender Care Resources

WVU Medicine Gender-Affirming Care

The WVU Medicine Children's and Sexual Development Clinic is a multidisciplinary team that provides primary and gender care as well counseling for patients ages 3-26. (304)598-4835

WVU Endocironology Clinic (304)598-4855

Email for more infomation.

PERSAD Center 

PERSAD has offices in downtown Pittsburgh, and Washington, PA. PERSAD offers information and affirming counseling to individuals who are seeking to transform their lives to their authentic gender presentation or identity. 


Trans-friendly medical providers - by Fairness WV

This guide provides an overview for transgender West Virginians who are seeking a trans-friendly medical provider. 

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Transgender Name Change Guide (courtesy of Fairness WV)

This guide provides an outline for West Virginia residents who wish to change their name and/or gender marker on identity documents and other records. Listed below are the most common steps taken to make these changes in West Virginia. For most clients, we recommend pursuing these steps in the order listed. We understand, however, that some clients may have unique needs and/or goals which require a different approach to pursuing name/gender changes on their identity documents.

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