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WVU LGBTQ Commission

Mission Statement:

The WVU LGBTQ+ Commission collaborates with and supports the WVU LGBTQ+ Center’s mission of improving the university’s climate, policies and resources for all members of the WVU LGBTQ+ community, encompassing students, faculty & staff.

The LGBTQ+ Commission monitors institutional policies and procedures to ensure that they are fully and actually implemented in accord with WVU’s codified Board of Governors (BOG) Governance Rule 1.6 with respect to sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Wherever necessary, the LGBTQ+ Commission will propose, elevate and promulgate new policies aimed at promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion to WVU’s leadership.

The LGBTQ+ Commission will participate frequently in the LGBTQ+ Center’s inclusive programming and outreach initiatives and will support its larger social justice efforts by advocating for members of our community and building coalitions. 

Current Members:

  • Amy Alvarez, Teaching Assistant Professor, English Department
  • Daniel Brewster, Teaching Instructor, School of Sociology & Anthropology
  • J. Spenser Darden, Director, DEI Diversity Initiatives
  • Megan Gandy, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
  • Brad Grimes, Program Specialist, LGBTQ+ Center & Women's Resource Center
  • Terri Howes, Community Member
  • Robb Livingood, Attorney, Community Member
  • Rayna Momen, Doctoral Student
  • Ellen Rodrigues, Interim Director, LGBTQ+ Center
  • Amy Root, Chairperson, CEHS Learning Sciences & Human Development
  • Jeneice Shaw, Psychologist, Carruth Center
  • Steven Smith, Assistant Director, Student Conduct
  • Nova Szoka, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine
  • Sam Wilmoth, Title IX Education Specialist, DEI